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“Making movies is an arduous task, involving lengthy days and ever-shifting schedules.
Dr. Paul Heinzelmann is intimately familiar with the challenges inherent in our industry. His compassion, expertise and discretion conjure the perfect antidote for our peculiar, unique and ever-changing circumstances. “Dr. Paul” is the Spielberg of his profession!”

Scott Elias

Production Manager/Producer

I have produced three movies in the Boston area – THE PROPOSAL(Sandra Bullock), JOY(Jennifer Lawrence) and FREE GUY(Ryan Reynolds). On each project, I have been immensely grateful to have Dr. Paul Heinzelmann to call upon when his valuable services were needed. Every film presents unique challenges, and Dr. Paul has always cared for our Actors and Crews in the most considerate and professional manner. The Dr. Paul difference: He follows through and checks in with all patients throughout their course of care.
Personally, I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer – Needless to say, being away from my home in Los Angeles and being treated in the midst of a production was frightening and daunting. Dr. Paul steered me to the best surgeons and treatments. For this, I will be forever grateful.
If Academy Awards were awarded for “Best Movie Doctor,” Dr. Paul’s mantle would be lined with gold. He is the go-to person in Boston and beyond.

Mary McLaglen

Executive Producer 20th Century Fox

“Our needs are unique – we need a “team doctor”: someone who can come to us when it’s impossible for cast/crew to leave the set or office. It’s a huge relief for our production staff when one call to SetMD is all it takes when a crew or cast member needs to see a doctor, get a referral to a specialist or needs a prescription refilled. From cast physicals to company flu shots – this resource is efficient and cost effective.”

Wendy Cox

Production Manager/Producer

Previous Clients

We have provided services for feature films, independent films, streaming series, television shows, documentaries, reality shows, game shows and live performances.

Meet The SetMD Physician Team

Our doctors understand the unique demands of the motion picture industry. They also have access to wide network of specialists at institutions including: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

Michael Farzam, MD

Los Angeles

Physician and Founder of House Call Doctor Los Angeles.

David Seitz, MD

New York

Family Physician and Addiction Specialist.

Olga Smulders, MD


Caring and senior attending physician with an in depth knowledge in Women’s Health issues.

Paul Heinzelmann, MD


Directions to Office

Founder of SetMD. Urgent and Primary Care physician.

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