About Us

About Us

“We believe that stories can change the world, and we’re committed to helping the creators stay healthy and safe.”

Founded in 2007, SetMD provides on-demand and concierge medical services to entertainment professionals, productions, and live events. We understand the frenetic culture of the industry, and we are equipped to make your production run more smoothly and safely.


Medical Services

Our Medical Services

COVID-19 Risk

COVID-19 Risk Assessment & Testing


Staffing (Health & Safety officers, RNs, MAs, etc)

Cast & Essential

Cast & Essential Element insurance exams

Virtual visits

Virtual visits (telemedicine)

Technical Advising

Technical Advising and Expert opinion for script consulting

Referrals to top-tier specialists

Referrals to top-tier specialists

Concierge house visits

Concierge house visits

Vaccine clinics

Vaccine clinics

Out Story

Our Story


In 2007, SetMD founder Dr. Paul Heinzelmann wanted to create a new kind of healthcare service outside the typical clinic setting. He was intrigued with combining the old-fashioned house call with the convenience of new communication technologies, so he brought medical services to patients in their homes, hotel rooms, and the workplace via house calls and patients’ smartphones.

Having been a huge movie fan since he was a kid, Dr. Paul wanted to support creatives and entertainment professionals in his own way; he decided to offer his innovative medical services to the entertainment industry to keep them safe and healthy as they tell their stories. 

SetMD first started on productions in Boston, Massachusetts, and has since grown to work on major motion films, tv shows, and theater in NYC, L.A., Atlanta, Vancouver, and more. And its services have expanded from concierge services to large-scale group COVID-19 testing, specialist referrals, and more.


Our Values


Education and Guidance

Guide clients and alleviate their stresses

Educate the public on
health and safety



Empower creatives,
diverse voices, and
inspiring stories



Provide innovative solutions
to clients’ problems and cutting-edge services



Build a supportive network
of clients and medical professionals who can
help each other 


Our Partners

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