SetMD’s mission goes beyond providing testing and health services.  We believe advocacy for those creating, producing and working in the industry is paramount.  Our core values include

  • Education & Guidance

  • Storytelling

  • Innovation

  • Community

With these values in mind, a significant portion of SetMD profits go towards supporting key initiatives. Major contributions have been made to the projects below.

SafeSets Documentary

This seven-part docuseries, SafeSets: keeping healthy and sane in the motion picture industry (Patsy Productions, LLC) allows executives, union leaders, cast and crew to tell their personal stories and challenges to staying healthy, safe and sane while working in an industry they love.

Segments include:

  1. Fractured Sleep
  2. Risky Stunts
  3. Hands-on Hazzards
  4. Exposures
  5. Aches and Strains
  6. Mental Health
  7. Safer Sets

Healthy & Safe Sets Survey


A broad industry-wide survey of union, guild and freelance workers in the film industry is needed to quantify work satisfaction and health status among workers.  This data is critical for informing conversations and eventual organizational policy changes that center on what is valued by workers and what is needed by leadership to keep the workforce thriving and productive. Ultimately, this can enable safer, lower risk, and more cost-effective productions. In addition, innovative health, wellness and mental health programs can be tailored to the unique needs of this workforce.

A study draft proposal has been initiated by Paul Heinzelmann, MD, MPH to implement a survey study through the Harvard Center for Work, Health and Wellbeing.