In the Summer of 2020 SetMD began providing COVID-19 testing and management services. Since then, we have provided services to over 150 productions including feature films, independent films, reality shows, TV shows, TV commercials and live theater productions. Here are some of the projects we worked on.  

Mother Android


This was the first feature film in Massachusetts to start up after the COVID shut down. SetMD served as the flagship testing company and to provide COVID Compliance Supervision. Testing was performed at the production office, base camp, and sets scattered in Massachusetts. Concierge testing was also performed throughout the production.


Cash Truck


SetMD played a supporting role in testing for this action feature film in August of 2020, when filming in Los Angeles just started back up.

A Cape Cod Christmas

H9 Films

SetMD provided the COVID-19  testing for this holiday-themed production shot on Cape Cod and sites throughout Massachusetts. Testing at multiple locations and concierge testing were provided.

Black Friday

Screen Media Films

SetMD provided all COVID-19 testing early on in the pandemic for this comedy-horror film featuring alien-infected Black Friday shoppers.


Confess Fletch


SetMD was the exclusive testing company and provided COVID Compliance Supervision for this feature film. Our mobile team of specimen technicians provided testing in multiple locations in Massachusetts.

This Old House


SetMD is proud to have kept this crew safe with COVID testing for this iconic and long-running home improvement television show.



Naked and Afraid


SetMD’s specimen technicians braved the perils of the Peruvian Amazon to bring COVID testing to one of the most remote and exciting survivalist television series on the air. This logistically challenging season proved SetMD’s merit as a company of persistent problem-solvers unafraid to get their boots dirty.   


I Wanna Dance with Somebody


This extraordinary Whitney Houston biopic boasted the largest volume of BG since the start of the pandemic. SetMD is proud to have provided COVID-19 testing services for the background actors on this production. The sheer size of background audience members provided the unique challenge of numerous last minute additions and crowd control during testing.

A Playful Romance

H9 Films

SetMD provided met all the COVID-19 testing needs for cast and crew of this heartwarming romance, filmed in Massachusetts.

Boston Strangler


SetMD is thrilled to have provided white glove concierge services to above-the-line personnel on this unsettling Boston murder mystery.



Married At First Sight


Through sickness and health SetMD’s specimen technicians happily tested the brave souls on this amusing matchmaking television show. 

Master Class

From Maine to Massachusetts, SetMD is pleased to have provided COVID-19 testing for both the crew and the talented personalitiess of this educational and inspiring series.

Shakespeare on the Common

SetMD’s foray into testing for live theater performances began with this staple of commonwealth entertainment, the production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. SetMD could not be prouder to be a part of the theater community’s return to form.



Don’t Look Up


SetMD played a cameo role in COVID testing for this star-studded Netflix sci-fi dramedy that wrapped in Massachusetts in 2021.   

Space Oddity

SetMD is proud to have provided the COVID-19 testing for this Ocean State space romance feature in 2021.   

Kevin can F*** Himself


SetMD provided flu clinics for both seasons of this hilarious convention-breaking twist on the sitcom. 



Castle Rock


In the summer of 2020 SetMD provided COVID-19 testing for this psychological horror from the mind of Stephen King.