SetMD works with your Health & Safety team to stay focused on COVID-19 prevention rather than crisis management.



  • Lab-based PCR and Rapid PCR, Lamp and Antigen testing that meets industry standards and has short turns-around-time(TAT).
  • Mobile clinical testing staff dispatched to set, production office, private residences, etc.
  • Customized Mobile App and Website for critical and secure information and communications capability.
  • On-demand access to medical and public health expertise.

  COVID-19 Services

Surveillance Testing 

Cast and crew  are tested  by zone during production to quickly identify and isolate any positive cases. We adhere to the latest industry guidelines on testing frequency as outlined in Return to Work, AEA, AICP, DGA, etc. Group or Concierge testing can be scheduled or ad hoc and done on-site, on set, in-office, and at home.

Specimen Collection and Processing

Performed by trained clinical professionals, SetMD utilizes anterior nasal swabs whenever possible.

Lab-based PCR   is completed at industry-approved CLIA-certified labs located throughout the US.   SetMD negotiates with laboratories for low-cost, high-volume pricing.   Expedited PCR is available (1-6 hour TAT).  At-home saliva PCR tests are also available for shipping. 

Rapid Testing:  PCR and ANTIGEN are available for fast results. 

Results Management

Results are reviewed daily by a dedicated SetMD Results Manager, who will notify and share results with the production’s designated Health & Safety team, and the local health department. 

Contact Tracing

Your SetMD team will assist with Contact Tracing for any positive test results.

    Health & Safety Team Staffing

Let us help you put together your Health & Safety Team.

SetMD has an exclusive national database of skilled COVID-19 personnel available to serve as independent freelance contractors for various positions: CCO, CCS, HSS, HSM, HSO, HSC, etc.

For more info, check out our H&S Safety Team Builder Page page.

Are you experienced in these roles? Join our registry! 

Additional Options

  • Daily Symptom Screener   VIEW DEMO
  • Custom App – Data & Communications Platform    VIEW DEMO
  • COVID-19 Plan Development & Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Health Engineering/Epidemiology Consultation
  • PPE Procurement
  • Disinfection Services