SetMD Can Help Assemble Your Health & Safety Team

  • COVID Compliance Supervisor

  • Health and Safety Manager

  • Health and Safety Supervisor

  • Health and Safety Coordinator

  • Health and Safety Officer(s)

Health & Safety Management Roles and Responsibilities

Health & Safety Supervisor (HSS)

The HSS will be the on-set supervisor for the team. They are responsible for guiding the support services for testing requirements on set.

  • Securing and implementing the Zone System
  • Maintaining PPE Stock
  • Overseeing the Check-In and Daily Screening Process
  • Reconciling HSO Team Members To Ensure Sanitation is Accounted for and Logged, and Maintaining Signage
COVID Compliance Supervisor (CCS)

Designated CSS is in charge of the testing process and has final medical authority on all things related to COVID-19.

  • Will Identify and Report any COVID-19 Health and Safety Concerns to the Producer and the Health & Safety Department.
  • Has the Authority to Pause Production in the event of a Breach or External Factor Threatening the Health and Safety of the Cast and Crew
  • Works with the Health & Safety Manager (HSM) to Bridge Medical Expertise with the Needs of the Production
Health & Safety Manager (HSM)

The HSM will oversee the program and have updated knowledge of current local, state, and federal guidelines. They will also:

  • Secure Ventilation Plans to Submit to SAG
  • Acquire Supplemental Ventilation Equipment or Rentals as Needed
  • Draw H&S Zone Maps for Production Locations
  • Distribute with Daily Call Sheets
  • May be Required to Define Occupancy Rates Based on the Local Guidelines or Following the Standard 6ft (2m) for any Interior Spaces
Health & Safety Officers (HSO)

HSOs may divide between H&S Security Team and H&S Sanitizing Team.

Be advised that all members of the HSO Team shall have trained as both then designated by the HSS daily based on the most current needs of production. A staggered system of call times may also be defined by the HSS and utilized to provide continuous coverage throughout the workday.

The H&S Security Team is responsible for:

  • Enforcing the Zone System
  • Distancing and PPE Protocols
  • Daily Check-In with Temperature Check and Symptom Screening Process
  • Provide Security for Equipment Dropped Off by Vendors in a Staging Area for Cleaning Before being Passed Off to Crew Member.

H&S Sanitizing Team is responsible for:

  • Providing Disinfecting Services to All Production Spaces Either in the Office or on Location and any High Touchpoints On Set and the Various Setups Listed Under the HSS’s Responsibilities.
Health & Safety Coordinator (HSC)

The HSC is responsible for the coordination between the lab secured for the COVID Testing Program and Production.

  • Primarily Responsible for Maintaining and Updating the Testing Schedule
  • They will also Serve as Administrative Coordination Between the HSM and HSS for COVID-Related Billing.