COVID-19 Services

Live Entertainment/Theater

We handle all COVID-19 needs so you can focus on your job and production. Our focus is on COVID-19 prevention rather than crisis management.




  • Rapid point-of-care testing with results in 30 minutes or less
  • Lab-based RT-PCR testing with 12-24 hour turnaround-time.
  • Mobile staff dispatched to stage, office, hotel, private residence, etc.


  • COVID-19 Officers; Health & Safety Officers, Supervisors, Managers
  • Infection Control Specialists


  • Customized Mobile App for fast access to key information and web links
  • Contact Tracing
  • COVID-19 vaccinations (coming soon)




COVID-19 Testing

Testing “sessions” can be scheduled or ad-hoc and arranged as either:

  • Group testing: all individuals being tested gather at one location
    1. On-site
    2. Off-site
    3. Drive-through lots
  • Concierge testing: individuals are tested at their residence
  • Mail-In testing: specimens are collected by the individual, and mailed to a processing lab
  • At-home testing: self-collected and processed at an individual’s location

Testing Options

Type TaT notes  Processed at Point-of Care? At Home Collection Option?
Lab-based PCR 12-24 hours Gold Standard, most accurate NO YES (saliva)
Device-based PCR (Cepheid) 45 min Fast and accurate NO NO
Rapid PCR 40 min Fast and accurate YES NO
Rapid Molecular (LAMP) 30 min Fast, less accurate YES YES
Rapid Antigen 15 min Fast, least accurate YES NO

Our Test Fee includes the following



Test Fee

Price per test, based on volume-adjusted discounts

Service Fee

Cost for clinical staff to collect specimens, process specimens, transport specimens (if necessary)

Result Management Fee

Cost to track and report the results (not needed with rapid point of care tests)

Testing Process

  • SetMD clinical staff are mobilized to sets, offices, residences, hotels, and off-site locations to meet your production’s proposed testing schedule.

Results Management

  • Results from lab-based tests are generally received within 24 hours Results are sent directly from the lab to the individual being tested.
  • All results are monitored by the SetMD Results Manager, who immediately notifies the production Health & Safety team of any abnormal results.


  • Through a partnership with GFS Risk, a global risk management company, we can provide health & safety staff for COVID-19 management on a global scale:
    • COVID-19 Compliance Supervisor
    • Health & Safety Supervisor
    • Health & Safety manager
    • And more

Contact Tracing

  • When a positive test result is received, SetMD assists in contract tracing by collaborating with production staff and the local public health department. *There may be an additional per/positive case fee for this service.

Custom Mobile App and Web Platform

  • Our Ready Set Go App makes it easier for productions to access all of SetMD’s services. The app allows cast and crew to:
    • Complete daily symptom screening
    • Sign up for tests
    • View test results
    • Access useful resources
    • Schedule concierge and virtual visits
    • Communicate with the production’s Health & Safety team
    • Access key public health resources

PPE And Supply Procurement

  • Products and supplies that are approved by CDC, NIOSH, EPA

Education, Training, & Quiz

  • This online course consists of reading material and links to some useful videos.
  • It takes 30-60 min to complete and is followed by a 20- question online quiz to assess knowledge
  • CLICK HERE for a basic review of COVID-19