Other Medical Services

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When the curtain goes up, there’s many people offstage that we don’t see–whether they’re crew or the
choreographers in pre-production–all with different needs and skills.
Even though actors are the only ones onstage when the curtain goes up, there are many other people
backstage and in the rehearsal room that help make the show happen.
Our services are designed to proactively keep everyone working on and offstage healthy, and make it
easier for productions to quickly address any medical services that cast or crew may need.



Virtual Visits (non-emergency)

  • Meet with a doctor via video, audio, or text messaging using HIPAA-compliant secure technology
    (Only available in MA, NY, CA)

Cast Insurance Physical Exams

  • Insurance exams are performed either at our medical offices, at the rehearsal hall or theatre

House Calls

  • For urgent medical matters, our physicians are available to make house calls to your set, office, or hotel.

Expedited Specialist Referrals and Consulting

  • Using our network of doctors and partners across the country, SetMD can arrange for you to meet with one of the best specialists in your local area.

Prescription Refills

  • We can provide up to a three-month supply for non-controlled substances only.

Flu Vaccinations

  • SetMD will assist in vaccinating your cast and crew for influenza.


We can review your script or scene for medical accuracy. Our network of advisors includes experienced nurses, specialists, and a healthcare architectural designer. *Rate is determined by the individual technical adviser.

SetMD advisors can provide guidance on:

  • Medical terminology
  • Procedures
  • Medical equipment usage


Safety begins with prevention and education. We can arrange an event or workshop for your cast and crew to improve their health and well-being. For example, we can educate your group on wellness, diet, mental health, certain illnesses (i.e. COVID-19), and more.