SetMD Services for Individuals Seeking Care

As a patient of SetMD, you will have fast access to a physician that understands the lifestyle of someone who works in the motion picture industry.  With this in mind, we aim to offer a more convenient and efficient way to address your medical, health and wellness needs without sacrificing quality. Whether it be a new sinus infection, a need to see a specialist, or simply to get a refill on a medication, we are here to assist

To start, simply send a text message to 310-750-4806 (or leave a voice message) and say “I want to be a patient of SetMD.

Once you complete the brief sign-up process on your smartphone, you can use the web-based platform, the Klara App (more secure and efficient) or the SetMD App (coming soon) to:

  • Securely text message directly with a medical doctor through an encrypted platform
    • Many issues can be entirely addressed this way
    • More complicated issues can be followed up by a phone call, video visit, house call or a referral to a specialist.
  • You can also request
    • Recommendation for a top local specialist
    • House call to your location
    • Medication refill
    • General inquiry

SetMD services are not to be used for emergency care. Call 911 for medical emergencies and individuals seeking care.

Payment Options:

Virtual Care Membership

Join for

  • Medical care and prescriptions for Simple Health concerns.
  • Refills of medications
  • Referrals to specialists
  • Recommendations and follow up
  • 10% off any House Calls
Virtual Visit


Single Visit
  • Medical Care prescriptions for one visit
  • Refills of any current medications
  • Recommendations and follow up

House Calls

Starts at

The cost of house calls depending on your location. This is based on the type of concern, urgency of the visit and the distance. (Availability is not guaranteed)