SetMD Covid-19 Services


Keeping cast and crew safe and healthy is now more important than ever. Industry guidelines mandate a detailed COVID-19 Control Plan for all productions. Developing and implementing these are a daunting task. SetMD can help you movethrough this processand keep the focus on COVID-19 prevention rather than crisis reaction. Call us to learn more at 888-777-4199.


  1. Needs Assessment. Here we gather key information about your production on a 30 minute Zoom meeting and from a registration form. This is used to determine the best practices approach for safety during your production.
  2. Team Identification. This includes determining the individuals in the production team that will be directly responsible for COVID-19 safety and sanitization who will work in conjunction with the SetMD staff.
  3. COVID-19 Control Program. We will provide consulting to help your team define a COVID-19 Control Plan that adheres with labor union and state government mandates. This will include recommendations for testing frequency, symptom and temperature tracking, quarantine and isolation guidelines, and communication methods with public health officials.
  4. COVID-19 Education. COVID-19 safety education can be provided for all cast and crew.
  5. Training and Train-the-Trainer. Training can be provided through documentation, live video conference or videos. Train- the-Trainer method training is also available for training crew members who have been assigned with work tasks involving on set COVID-19 prevention.
    Training will cover COVID-19 basics, social distancing, risk grouping methodology, cleaning and disinfection, and the proper use of PPE. Key Industry Guidelines are also shared with production management.
  6. PPE Planning. We will recommend quantities and types of PPE for your production.
  7. COVID-19 Test Referral. We arrange for convenient local testing for each member of the production. Copies of testing results are uploaded to a secure EMR for verification.
  8. On-Site Flu Vaccination . Productions operating during flu season (Sept-March) will benefit from this important intervention that reduces illness that can mimic COVID-19.
  9. Script Review. We can help determine if a scene is considered high-risk and provide instruction on limiting that risk as much as possible.
  10. Production Environment Safety Assessment. We can assess the set up of the production environment to validate that proper distancing is being defined, that hand washing stations are available and that PPE is being managed appropriately.


  1. Symptom Screening . Each individual completes a 5-10 question survey in a matter of seconds each day before call time, on any mobile device or desktop computer. Individual results of “Pass” or “Not Pass” are immediately displayed on the survey-taker’s device screen as green or red. Attendants are instructed to only allow individuals displaying a green screen to enter vehicles, offices or sets.
    Aggregated results are displayed on a dashboard to give a high-level view of the production as a whole, or can be viewed for each separate department, or by each individual.
  2. Temperature Screening. Touchless thermometers allow fast daily screening to pick up anyone who may have passed the Symptom Screen but has unknowingly developed signs of illness. Staff can be arranged to perform this task at your location.
  3. COVID-19 Test Referral. Frequent testing is now recommended by key industry guidelines.We can help determine a reasonable testing plan based on the size of your production. In addition, anyone who develops symptoms will need testing, and we can help arrange for fast convenient local testing. Onsite COVID-19 testing may be an option in the near future.
  4. Medical Care & Case Management. Anyone developing symptoms (and not just COVID-19-related illness) can access a SetMD physician through telemedicine Virtual Visits on their mobile device or desktop computer. When deemed necessary, referrals to higher levels of
    care will be arranged.
  5. Contact List Management. This may be required for anyone involved in the production who later develops symptoms and/or tests positive. All close contacts of that individual will need to be identified. This will involve collaboration with the local Department of Health. SetMD can serve as a medical liaison for the production if needed.
  6. Follow-up Education/Training . Additional training can be provided during production for safety meetings or if new cast or crew are brought into the production.

On Call:

Set MD can provide On Call Services throughout the Pre-Production, Production and Post Production phases of your project. On call services can be used for safety questions, health concerns, for cast and crew to discuss safety procedures and to report unsafe practices.