COVID-19 Services

SetMD COVID-19 Services

SetMD works with your Health & Safety team to stay focused on COVID-19 prevention rather than crisis management.



  • High quality, lab-based and rapid COVID-19 PCR testing that meets industry standards and has short turn-around-time (TAT).
  • Mobile clinical testing staff dispatched to set, production office, private residences, etc.
  • Customized Mobile App and Website for critical and secure information and communications capability.
  • On-demand access to medical and public health expertise.


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SetMD clinical staff are mobilized to sets, offices, residences, hotels and off-site locations to meet your production’s proposed testing schedule. In most instances, results are sent directly from the lab to each individual being tested. All results are monitored by the SetMD Results Manager, who will personally notify the production Health & Safety team of any abnormal results.

Scheduled Testing

The bulk of surveillance testing is done through scheduled group testing sessions.

  • Lab-based testing is mandated by industry guidelines and SetMD utilizes gold standard RT-PCR testing that is processed at one of the multiple reputable laboratories we are contracted with throughout the US.
  • Specimens are taken directly from the collection site to the laboratory by SetMD staff, not third-party couriers.

AD-HOC Testing

At times individuals will need to be tested outside of regularly scheduled testing times. Several options are available.

  • Concierge testing (available in MA, CA & NY)
  • Small group testing sessions (at locations arranged by production)
  • Off-site testing sessions (at mutually-determined locations)

At-Home Self-Tests

In some instances, self-administered at home PCR tests may be useful for cast or crew. These can be mailed overnight to individuals at their location by FedEx or UPS. SetMD offers .

  • Anterior Nasal Swab PCR: 2-3 day turn-around-time from the time it arrives at its laboratory in Los Angeles.
  • Saliva-based PCR: 2-3 day turn-around-time time from the time it arrives at its laboratory.

Rapid Testing

Point-of-Care Rapid PCR and other molecular tests are options in some locations.



Digital forms of communication and data sharing are critical to effective collaboration. Let us quickly integrate with your systems.

For more info on the mobile app click here, and to view a sample custom website click here

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covid-19 screening

Professional Staffing

SetMD can provide clinically-trained staff for COVID-19 management: COVID-19 Supervisor, HSS, HSM, temperature screener, etc.

professional staffing



PPE And Supply Procurement

  • Products and supplies that are approved by CDC, NIOSH, EPA

Education, Training, & Quiz (Free)

  • This online course consists of reading material and links to some useful videos.
  • It takes 30-60 min to complete and is followed by a 20- question online quiz to assess knowledge
    CLICK HERE for a basic review of COVID-19

Contact Tracing

  • SetMD will assist in contact tracing to quickly identify those who may have been in close-contact with someone who has, or is suspected to have COVID-19 and collaborate with the local public health department. (there is an additional per/positive case fee for this service).

Specialist Consulting

  • On-demand ad hoc access to medical professionals, specialists and epidemiologists is available.

Flu Vaccinations

  • SetMD will assist in vaccinating your cast and crew for influenza.