SetMD COVID-19 Services

SetMD works with your Health & Safety team to stay focused on COVID-19 prevention rather than crisis management.



  • Lab-based PCR and Rapid PCR, Lamp and Antigen testing that meets industry standards and has short turns-around-time(TAT).
  • Mobile clinical testing staff dispatched to set, production office, private residences, etc.
  • Customized Mobile App and Website for critical and secure information and communications capability.
  • On-demand access to medical and public health expertise.



PPE And Supply Procurement

  • Products and supplies that are approved by CDC, NIOSH, EPA

Education, Training, & Quiz (Free)

  • This online course consists of reading material and links to some useful videos.
  • It takes 30-60 min to complete and is followed by a 20- question online quiz to assess knowledge
    CLICK HERE for a basic review of COVID-19

Contact Tracing

  • SetMD will assist in contact tracing to quickly identify those who may have been in close-contact with someone who has, or is suspected to have COVID-19 and collaborate with the local public health department. (there is an additional per/positive case fee for this service).

Specialist Consulting

  • On-demand ad hoc access to medical professionals, specialists and epidemiologists is available.

Flu Vaccinations

  • SetMD will assist in vaccinating your cast and crew for influenza.