Virtual Care


Protect the cast, crew and office staff with on-demand access to a virtual doctor on call. Virtual care (aka telemedicine) is now a common way to manage acute uncomplicated medical problems. Whether it be an acute illness like sinus infection, rash, UTI, the need for a prescription refill or a request to see a local specialist, SetMD can keep your people healthy and your production on-schedule.

Virtual care for the motion picture industry

Smartphones can easily enable secure, private medical consults to the set, trailer or office using secure text-messaging, phone calls and video visits.

SetMD Care Model

Virtual care (telemedicine) isn’t meant to replace traditional care, only make it better.

  • Most employers now offer telemedicine: over 90% of mid-to-large employers offer this option
  • High Demand: 40% of millennials say that telemedicine is “extremely or very important.”
  • Satisfaction with virtual care: 79% of patients said a telemedicine follow-up visit was more convenient than an in-person follow-up.
  • Quality of care: According to the American Telemedicine Association, “Studies have consistently shown …the quality of healthcare services delivered via telemedicine are as good as those given in traditional in-person consultations.”
  • Cost savings: Net cost savings of virtual care are demonstrated in multiple studies.

Q. How can you avoid production delays caused by illness or injury of cast or crew?

A. Leverage the power of on-demand virtual care.

Since 2007, SetMD has provided care to over 150 productions in the motion picture industry. SetMD founder, Dr Paul Heinzelmann understands the culture of film and TV production. He has also completed advanced fellowship training in Telemedicine at Harvard Medical School.

A SetMD Membership gives each member unlimited, on-demand, direct access to an on call Virtual Doctor using secure text-messaging, phone calls and video visits. Acute medical concerns are quickly evaluated, diagnosed and treated. New prescriptions are quickly sent to the preferred pharmacy. Medication refills and specialist referrals with top local specialists can also be made at no charge. House calls can be arranged at an additional cost ($200-$800) depending on location.

Show your cast and crew that you care about their well-being.

Retainer Term Sheet for the Virtual Doctor On Call – Pilot program

January 1, 2020

Number of individuals covered

1-50 members:

51-150 members:

>151 members:





* 10% discount to total monthly cost after three months of service

Quick Cost Calculator

Number of Cast & Crew members Rate per member/mo Total Monthly cost: months 1, 2 & 3 Total Monthly cost: months 4 + (10% discount)
20 $30 $600 $540
40 $30 $1200 $1080
60 $27 $1620 $1458
75 $27 $2025 $1823
100 $27 $2700 $2430
175 $24 $4200 $3780
200 $24 $4800 $4320
250 $24 $6000 $5400
300 $24 $7200 $6480

Please Note:

These services are not to be used for emergency care.

Immediate availability is not 100% guaranteed.

Members cannot call or text to make requests on behalf of other individuals.

It is up to the physician to determine if a higher level of care is needed (ex. house call, referral to office, specialist, or urgent care center). . . . . . .